Jobs4football x Future Coders Club partnership

Introducing an exciting collaboration between Jobs4Football and Future Coders Club, set to revolutionise data analysis with cutting-edge expertise in coding specific to football.

We are thrilled to announce this dynamic partnership, crafted to elevate our members’ experience and knowledge. At the core of this alliance lies a commitment to empowering our Jobs4football community with unparalleled niche resources and opportunities

Through this collaboration, our members will gain access to a powerhouse of knowledge in the intricate realm of data coding, tailored specifically for football. Whether you’re a seasoned Professional or an aspiring enthusiast, this partnership promises to unlock new dimensions of insight and innovation for you.

But that’s not all! As a testament to our dedication to your success, Jobs4football and Future Coders Club are thrilled to offer discounted rates and specialised content, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving landscape of football and data.

Our co-founder Nick McCreery  highlights, “Jobs4Football is extremely motivated by the value this partnership will bring to our members, in this forward-thinking age of data and its clear correlation with football. We dont engage with partners without full due diligence and we have been extremely impressed by Yasmin and her team thus far ”

Background and How Future Coders Club came was established

I’m Yasmin Veronica, Co-Founder of Future Coders Club. We provide expert coding education, focused on upskilling people looking for new career paths particularly where programming and data analysis skills are required. We started to see a clear gap in the football industry where core programming skills, particularly Python, were becoming more and more essential. We couldn’t see anything that offered beginners an accessible coding course tailored to the football industry, and so the Football Analyst Foundation Course was born.

Future Coders Club partnered with Lucy Rowland, Director of Analytics at San Jose Earthquakes in the MLS, who co-designed the course to ensure it provided the core foundational Python skills required in the football analysis industry.

Due to growing demand, we’ve pivoted to focus exclusively on football and have welcomed football professionals into our team, alongside our football-passionate programming experts, to guarantee the perfect blend of expertise within our core team. This reflects our commitment to excellence in delivering football-specific programming education.

Challenges that Future Coders Club solve

Future Coders Club is here to solve the problem of non-specific or irrelevant, often boring coding education. We aim to make coding accessible and football-focused.

A Head of Data Analytics for a team in the Championship said to me, “I’ve been sending my analytics staff on generic coding courses and all the examples they learn are so far removed from football, that we’re scratching our heads trying to relate it back. Future Coders Club is the first thing I’ve seen that I can actually send my performance analysts on and know that it is going to be entirely relevant to their day jobs in football and immediately applicable

Something that we’re really excited about is our offer for students to present their portfolio to a panel of football industry experts, including professionals from the MLS and Statsbomb. We understand how important it is to gain real-world feedback, and we’re so glad to be able to offer this from some of the industry’s best! We often have guest lectures, where our students get the opportunity to hear from football data analysts, Club data scientists and Heads of Analytics. These are some of my favourite sessions throughout the course, no lecture is ever the same, and there are always great Q&As!

Jobs4football x Future Coders Club partnership

Success Stories

One of my favourite success stories is a professional coach of over 20 years, most notably as Assistant Coach for the Jamaican Football Federation. He joined our Football Analyst Foundation Course because he wanted to understand Python enough to have better oversight and management of the analysts in his team. He told me “I knew I didn’t want to learn generic data analysis, and so your Football Analyst Foundation Course has been a game changer for me! It’s incredible to be taught Python from a practical football point of view that applies directly to my role as a Football Coach. I’m comfortable reading a game very well. I can articulate moments of the game, I can watch video and pick things up very quickly with my coaching background, however merging that knowledge with the data was a major gap in my skill set.”

His journey from the field to speaking the basic language of data as a seasoned coach highlights the unique impact our course is designed to deliver. It’s not just about learning to code; it’s about enriching his coaching prowess with data insights.

An example of the official testimonial from Assistant Coach / Performance Analyst  Jamaican Football Federation, Sanford Carabin

“Joining the Football Analyst Foundation Course has been a truly great experience for me. As an experienced coach and analyst but new to the coding side of the game, the course offered just the right mix of theory and practical insights to significantly deepen my understanding of coding with Python. The lectures were engaging and informative, filled with real-life examples that illustrated complex concepts in a digestible manner.

One of the highlights for me was connecting with fellow students from around the world, each bringing their unique perspectives to discussions, has enriched my learning experience. It’s inspiring to be part of a community that’s as passionate about football analysis as I am.

To anyone considering this course, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Whether you’re looking to build a foundation in football analysis for professional reasons or simply to enhance your enjoyment of the game, this course offers invaluable insights and a supportive learning environment. Thank you to the instructors and my fellow students for making this such a rewarding experience!”

How can we help Jobs4Football Members?  

We are successfully upskilling a variety of football professionals from performance analysts to coaches, with Python education as part of our Football Analyst Foundation Course. This is available in a variety of formats (see below).

As part of our partnership with Jobs4Football we are pleased to offer exclusive discounts for Jobs4Football members, and I would be more than happy to have a conversation with anyone that is interested or wants to find out more! Each of these offerings has their advantages, and it’s really about what will work best for you!

Join the Jobs4Football Exclusive Waiting List here to gain early access to upcoming coding courses or contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or just want to connect!

Lesson Screenshot

Football Analyst Foundation Course – Python Education for Beginners

  • Intensive 24-week course: Ideal for those ready to fast-track their learning. Commit to two live sessions weekly and accelerate your Python proficiency with guidance from our expert tutors
  • Extended 48-week course: Perfect for the busy individual seeking a steady learning pace. Engage in one live session per week, designed to fit your packed schedule without compromising expert-led learning.
  • Independent Study + Live Labs (Coming soon): Tailored for learners who prefer flexibility. Access our pre-recorded materials at your convenience and join our live lab sessions fortnightly or monthly for hands-on support and practical insights from our team. We highly recommend attending the live lab sessions to maximise understanding and integration of the concepts with direct support from our experts.

Join the Jobs4Football Exclusive Waiting List here

Future Coders Club Football Analyst Community

With the support of Jobs4football become a part of our Future Coders Club Football Analyst Community for exclusive access to valuable resources including Keynotes, Guest Lectures, specialised content, and ongoing support to further your knowledge and skills in football analytics

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