Recruitment process update FA Maldives x Jobs4football

Football Association Maldives X Jobs4football Update

As the exclusive partnership between FA Maldives and Jobs4football evolves, it is evident that the football community’s anticipation by the unprecedented interest generated by the opportunities.

With over 600 applications submitted in under 3 weeks, the response underscores the profound desire worldwide to be part of FA Maldives’ visionary journey towards elevating football standards and driving positive change,

“We are in continuous dialogue with the Jobs4football team as our structured recruitment procedure gathers pace,” Paul Smalley, the National Technical Director of FA Maldives. “It is fantastic to witness the global reach the job roles have achieved,”

This quote emphasises the positive impact this strategic recruitment process will have on football in the Maldives.

Recruitment process update FA Maldives x Jobs4football

Unprecedented Interest

Since the partnership’s announcement, the influx of applications has surpassed expectations, signalling a resounding vote of confidence in FA Maldives’ strategic objectives and the exciting opportunities it presents. Co-founder Nick McCreery reflects on the engaging response, noting, “The calibre of applicants we are talking to on a daily basis speaks volumes about the appeal of aligning with FA Maldives’ ambitious vision.”

High Profile Names Emerge

Notably the recruitment process has attracted attention from highly qualified technical operators. With consultants at Jobs4football diligently managing and screening CVs, the selection of top-tier professionals for the 13 key roles within the technical department promises to be both rigorous and impactful.

Global Reach and Engagement

The dedicated FA Maldives job page within the website has become a focal point of international interest, with an impressive 22,000 views recorded thus far. This widespread visibility underscores the global appeal of opportunities within Maldivian football. Interestingly, the top five countries showing the most interest via visit statistics have been England, USA, Spain, Portugal, and Australia, highlighting the broad international appeal of FA Maldives’ strategic vision.

Looking Ahead

As the recruitment process gains momentum, Jobs4football Co-founder Darren Melia expresses confidence in the collaborative efforts between FA Maldives and Jobs4football. “Our team are committed to identifying and onboarding talent that will not only meet but exceed the expectations outlined in FA Maldives’ Strategic Football Plan Vision 2028,” he asserts.

Applications for the roles close on 13/05/2024

Recruitment process update FA Maldives x Jobs4football

A New Era Unfolds

With FA Maldives and Jobs4football at the helm, a new era of dynamism and excellence beckons for Maldivian football. As the recruitment process progresses and talented individuals are integrated into key roles, the stage is set for a transformative journey towards realising the ambitious goals outlined in FA Maldives’ strategic roadmap.

Stay tuned as FA Maldives and Jobs4football continue to navigate this exciting chapter, shaping the future of football in the Maldives.

To view the job openings available please click on the below link:

Jobs4football X FA Maldives

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