|   On 24/01/2023

Jobs4football meets Alan Clark

Jobs4football meets catches up with Pro Licence South African born Coach Alan Clark who is...

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  |   On 01/11/2022

Jobs4Football meets Jonathan Brown

Jobs4Football spoke to Bonnyrigg Rose Football Development Manager, Jonathan Brown, about ...

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  |   On 17/10/2022

Jobs4football meets Jose Manuel Figueira

Jobs4football engaged with Spanish UEFA A Head Coach Jose Manuel Figueria for a quick fire...

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  |   On 27/09/2022

Jobs4Football meets Lee Taylor

Jobs4Football spoke to coach Lee Taylor, who is applying his trade as a coach in Australia...

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  |   On 12/09/2022

Jobs4Football meets Chris Greatwich

Jobs4Football spoke to former Philippines international and UEFA A coach Chris Greatwich a...

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  |   On 06/09/2022

Jobs4football meets Craig Fagan

Former Premier League forward and current UEFA A coach Craig Fagan joins jobs4football mee...

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  |   On 19/08/2022

Jobs4Football meets David Pennington

Jobs4Football had the pleasure to speak with enthusiastic Chorley FC Kit Manager, David Pe...

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  |   On 15/08/2022

Jobs4Football meets Jesse Devers

I had the pleasure to speak with Irish forward Jesse Devers, who has recently signed with ...

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  |   On 02/08/2022

Jobs4Football meets Colum Curtis to discuss Pro Licence Course

I had the pleasure to speak with Head Coach and fellow Irishman, Colum Curtis. Colum has r...

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  |   On 18/07/2022

Jobs4Football meets Chris Grant

Jobs4Football had the pleasure to speak with Christopher Grant, General Manager at Preah K...

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  |   On 08/07/2022

Jobs4Football meets Ebun Thomas

Ebun Thomas is a youth coach wise beyond his years discussing with me his journey into foo...

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  |   On 20/06/2022

Jobs4Football meets Casian Anghel

Jobs4Football spoke to Romanian right-winger Casian Anghel, who has been working closely w...

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  |   On 06/06/2022

Jobs4Football meets Dean Ellis

Jobs4Football spoke to Academy Scout, Dean Ellis. Dean has years of experience working in ...

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  |   On 27/05/2022

Jobs4Football meets Steve Shea

Jobs4Football spoke to Leicester City’s 1st Team National Scout & Head of European O...

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  |   On 20/05/2022

Jobs4Football meets Bryan De Vries

Jobs4Football spoke with Bryan de Vries, a Dutch coach based in China. Due to the restrict...

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  |   On 13/05/2022

Jobs4Football meets JP Austin

Jobs4Football spoke with JP Austin, a determined British coach who has trained football pl...

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  |   On 06/05/2022

Jobs4Football meets Mathew Towns

Six years ago, English goalkeeper Mathew Towns was diagnosed with testicular cancer and wo...

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  |   On 27/04/2022

Jobs4Football meets Josh Rutherford

Jobs4Football spoke to the Head coach for Gateshead college, Josh Rutherford, who has rece...

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  |   On 25/04/2022

Jobs4Football meets Sammie McLeod

Jobs4Football spoke to Sammie McLeod, an English Midfielder, currently residing in Iceland...

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  |   On 19/04/2022

Jobs4Football meets Ross Maciver

Jobs4Football spoke to Ross Maciver, who is looking to put his knowledge and experience of...

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