Investigating Bias In Scouting


Quick Overview



We will look to demonstrate how you could display prejudice against a player or team without really knowing it. Whether it be for good reasons or bad reasons. This is a MUST for anyone starting off as an amateur or professional in the football world of scouting & analysis it will even enlighten the experienced professionals. 

We will delve into the Psychological Aspects of analysis when looking at players or teams. 

We at IPSO believe everyone involved in football should participate on this workshop whether it be scouts, coaches, analysts, managers, technical directors and agents.


Simple it will stop you making mistakes that you didn’t even know you did when analysing and watching players at any level. We will point out the unnoticed BIAS you may hold on or against a player that could cost you dearly in the future. We will look at this from a football perspective proving the wrongs you do without you noticing it when looking at a player or team.

A must for serious scouts or analysts looking to improve their knowledge when looking at ”The BIAS in scouting.”


At IPSO we are challenging you to explore our workshops. We are showing you the workshops for a small price to show you our products, the way we deliver our methodology and our materials.

It’s very simple and honest if you don’t like what you see (Don’t join our courses) and you have not wasted a substantial amount of money for what you may think are substandard information (basic) were you feel you didn’t gain the knowledge you needed and you have felt it wasn’t value for money.

We are confident of our material as we’ve been told off 1000’s of students It’s the best out there.



There are a lot of bonuses when participating on these workshops or courses:

1…You will gain new knowledge on all 4 workshops. (Delivered by expert professionals)

2…You will make new contacts from around the world. (Students say its worth it just for the great contacts)

3…You will gain membership to our networking group. (A great way to keep in touch)

4…You will gain 5 free accesses to our partners discounts below. (No other provides this)

jobs4football: Will give you 1 months free trial in the up to date job opportunities worldwide in football, scouting and analysis jobs or opportunities before anyone else.

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The Host On The Day: This will vary on the day, but it will be one of our very experienced scouts or analysts.

Language: English

Duration: 1-1/2 to 2 hour’s workshop with a Q & A session after 90 minutes.

Where: Through Zoom software products.

Price: £20 per workshop or you can choose to save 25% if you book all 4 workshops for a total price of £60 instead of £80.

Certificate of completion; Sent after the workshops.


THE TUTORS: The tutors will vary form workshop to workshop or course to course.

All are exceptional in their delivery and methodology of getting the points across so you can take a lot of strong information away from your chosen workshop or course. They are very special tutors and they are purposely selected for their experience, knowledge, personality and especially their delivery skills which are second to none.

You will engage with top professionals in the world of scouting & analysis. Not only will they give you excellent knowledge within the game but they will add to that their experiences and real life stories to make the experience fun and enjoyable.

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