Recovery Gamechanger – Facts

How to help your cells regenerate much faster for the next game

You know how important the right nutrition is for your game and you take good care of it. You buy fresh food, put a lot of time and effort into preparing healthy meals and shakes with additional nutrients that boost your health and therefore your performance. That’s great!

But, have you ever considered checking if all those nutrients even reach the inside of your cells?

The truth is, for the vast majority of people in the world, most of the nutrients we eat go down the toilet.

Why is that? Because 97% of all people have a huge disbalance in their fatty acids, and therefore stiff and impermeable cell membranes. That means nutrients can’t get into the cells and waste products can’t get out well.

I thought I was living healthily. I have an active lifestyle, do sports, eat vegan, cook and take some high-quality supplements. But my test results where shocking. I had a cell fluidity of about 2.6%… That means almost all of my expensive supplements went down the drain.
You can imagine what that means: my metabolism was crap, my mental strength was bad and my regeneration time was long. If I stayed in this state permanently, I would have had very high chances of catching all sorts of chronic diseases the older I got.

Hundreds of thousands of tests show that even people who use Omega-3 products, still have an average balance of 7:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids in their blood. They are still in the red zone. That means the majority of products don’t work.
The worldwide average ratio is 15:1.
The WHO recommends no more than 4:1. Although health experts around the world agree that 3:1 is the maximum the body can handle. Omega-6 fatty acids are important for starting inflammation, whilst Omega-3 fatty acids are needed to stop inflammation.
Our DNA was designed with an Omega-6 to Omega-3 balance of 1:1.
In this case we can handle disease best, have 100% of nutrients accessible and can regenerate faster.

In the 20th century the majority of people stopped eating wild fish from the sea very regularly. Instead our diet nowadays consists more and more of red meat, lots of processed foods with vegetable oils and palm oil in almost everything, combined with many wheat products. All of these are Omega-6 sources.
The fatty acids EPA and DHA on the other hand, are mainly found in micro algae in the oceans and in fatty fishes that eat them. These two fatty acids are responsible for healthy cell membranes and the proper function of your metabolism.
Only with smooth and permeable cell membranes can your cells take in nutrients optimally, organs can work properly and regeneration can happen fast and effectively.

The problem: Most Omega-3 supplements don’t last until they reach your cells because they are missing some strong anti-oxidants. The fatty acids need many hours to really do their work. Usually they have disintegrated before they are done. Only adding Vitamin E is not enough.
The gamechanger: Polyphenols.

Polyphenols are very powerful anti-oxidants, that not only help catch free radicals in your body, but also make the Omega-3 bioavailable for up to 35 hours.
They are found in great quantities in very early harvested olives, for example.

If you mix these Polyphenols with high quality fish or algae oil, and you add some Vitamin D3 for a better metabolization, you’ll get a product that actually works.
And the best thing: We can prove it. By working together with an independent laboratory in Norway,
11 essential fatty acids are analyzed through a dry blood test, simply done at home.

My name is Erik, I am a health enthusiast, entrepreneur and licensed Zinzino partner. I am convinced that I’ve discovered something that is going to speed up your recovery phase, enhance your performance and boost your overall health. I am working closely with a great team that consists of many health practitioners, nutritionists and doctors, as well as Personal Trainers, Fitness Coaches and athletes, who are using these products with astonishing results.

For footballers, as well as for every other sports professional, this is definitely something to look at.

The whole concept is as revolutionary as the products themselves. Zinzino is growing faster than some of the big tech giants. We are revolutionizing the whole industry of food supplements by moving from guess-based to test-based methods.
So far, we offer the very popular Balance Test, the Vitamin D Test and the HbA1c Test (to measure the blood sugar levels). Soon we are going to add a whole lot more analyses to the board.

If you would like to try it, I recommend getting a premier kit. Included are two tests and products to last 6 months. That’s the time it takes for your cells to renew completely. After those 6 months you do the second test to see how much better your balance has got.
When you see and especially feel the results of your cell renewal treatment, you will probably want to talk about it with everyone. In that case, give me a call.

Get the starter kit:

If your first balance test is positive, so your Omega-6:3 balance is already 3:1 or lower, you will get your money back.

Get the vegan version:

Get the health protocol (including fibers for the intestine bacteria plus micro and phytonutrients)

If you’d like to know about partnering, just contact me directly for inquiries.
Zinzino offers amazing business opportunities for partners.



Erik Winkel
Licensed Zinzino Partner
Berlin, Germany

+49 170 472 5103
[email protected]

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