Diego Sasha Fanari

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Political Scientis, Footbal coach and business and marketing header

About me

Graduated in Political Science, International Politics in july 2020. I have always had a passion for football both played and not. I am currently an active footballer who, however, is pursuing the path of the technical sector. Acquired the CSI in Italy license (Level 1/2 eu) with excellent results, I subsequently participated in a Clinic with Christian Chivu, former inter player. I want put my self into the job with passion and determination. I want that work in football will be my primary job and i am looking for a Post graduated Master degree in Football management or similar. I can do as well the role of football coach and an administration, business or marketing and management role in a small football club. 


Bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations
University of Cagliari

CSI Italian 1/2 Level of Football Coaching

Level B2 English
University of Cagliari

Economics, marketing and management
Italian superior School

Work Experience

January 2019 -September 2020
Assistant marketing and personal trainer assistant coach
Edition Fitness Gym and wellness

I have worked like Assistant marketing and personal trainer assistant coach. Sometimes the head personal trainer needed help with the customers in the training and in the selling (Products, drinks and etc.). But my first duty was assistant marketing, via social and via direct (meeting people, talk with them and call them to bring them on a pay-subscription). I have brought 200 people from 0 people in the gym (When i started to work there the gym wasn't open yet) and i have done an increase of 200% of pay-subscription. 

December 2019 -January 2021
Footbal Player
F1 RACING York Engineering league Yorkshire

November 2020 -February 2021
Commercial and marketing consultant - Marketing specialist
Wave Marketing Srl

January 2021 -May 2021
Marketing header and social media manager
Vatt Cycle wear

Awards and Certificates :

I have done Football coach course CSI Italy and first emergency course as well in the same course. I have studied the basics rule of football coaching and how to comunicate and how to do a training programm in the short, medium and long time. I have done as well like i have said before the first emergency course at the same time.
CSI Italian regional sport institute

Clinic sportive with former Inter Milan player Christian Chivu and Under 21 Inter Milan Coach. The clinic was basd in how to comunicate with the players with a focus on the mistakes that a coach shouldn't make.