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Geylang International FC is a professional football club participating in the Singapore Premier League. The Club is looking to recruit a General Manager who will report to the Club Chairman and Management Committee.

The General Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of non-footballing aspects of the Club’s operations and for developing commercial opportunities. In addition, the GM has oversight of the football operations of the Club. All non-footballing staff report to the GM and the GM also has oversight of the work of the Team Manager and Head Coach. The GM is responsible for upholding the Club’s mission and playing a key role in the execution of its strategic vision.


  1. Manage and improve the Club’s non-footballing operations.

  2. Manage and enhance relationships with all the key stakeholders of the Club – the regulator, sponsors, community organisations and schools in the catchment area of the Club, fans

  3. Liaise closely with the Head Coach/Sporting Director to ensure that football and non-football activities are aligned and mutually supportive.

  4. Represent the Club to all external parties with due consent.

  5. Work closely with specific designated Club Management to coordinate and deliver Club’s objectives

  6. Manage the work of direct reporting staff - Finance Manager, Business Manager, Operations/Team Manager, Media Relations and Press Officer.

  7. Manage the daily affairs of the Club to ensure that the Club’s operations are effectively managed, in particular: commercial, traditional media and social media and fixture-related issues.

  8. Attend FAS official meetings and events, ensuring essential information are disseminated to internal stakeholders.

  9. Plan and execute match day events and promotion, marketing, attendance targets and retail sales.

  10. Take responsibility for managing expenditure to be within the approved budget.

  11. Maintain discipline and resolve disciplinary issues among the footballing staff and players.

  12. Be ultimately responsible for checking and ensuring that the Club is compliant with all FAS/AFC/FIFA TMS club licensing and player/coach registration requirements, timelines and notices, statutory requirements covering fire risk assessments, general risk assessments, commercial, employer and public liability insurance, food hygiene, stadium match day requirements, safety and event management.

Role Requirements

  1. Ability to effectively recognise team/player needs and take on a number of roles to provide performance solutions and leadership.

  2. Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills.

  3. Ability to work in an elite sports environment with a high degree of independence and initiative.

  4. Good team building skills and the ability to adjust to changing priorities.

Required Qualifications and Experience

  1. Degree in any discipline.

  2. Sports-related administration experience would be viewed favourably.

  3. A track record of successfully managing a non-profits or sporting organisation.

  4. Ability to manage staff to achieve high performance outcomes.

  5. Proven leadership and management skills.

  6. Impeccable integrity and high standards.

  7. A keen interest in football, and the energy and enthusiasm required to play a critical role in executing the Club’s strategic vision and upholding the Club’s mission.

  8. Familiarity with the role media, particularly social media plays in the communicating the Club’s values

  9. Flexibility to work outside of normal working hours.

  10. Effective team player with the ability to lead a team and ensure high quality work.

  11. Professional and approachable and able to work on own initiative and under pressure.

  12. Flexibility and willingness to learn.

Job Detail

Job TypeFull time
Experience3-5 years


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