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Why 360 Scouting?

You already watch football all the time, right? Then why not do it professionally?

  • You earn some extra money besides your study or work.

  • You can decide and schedule your own flexible hours.

  • You are involved in real-world scouting, for professional clubs.

  • You learn a lot: about tactics, reporting and the market.

How does it work?

There's only a few steps you have to take.

  • Send an email to [email protected] and ask for the first assessment (there is no cv required – we purely evaluate the quality shown in the assessment).

  • Successfully complete the first assessment, which leads to receiving the second one.

  • Complete the second one too and start working for us!

What are we looking for?

Besides kind and studious people, we mainly look for three things.

  • Excellent football understanding to evaluate players accurately.

  • High-quality reporting skills in written English.

  • Thorough league knowledge, preferably for a league in your country.

At the moment, we are specifically looking for video scouts located in one of the following countries.

???????? Austria
???????? Belgium
???????? Brazil
???????? Colombia
???????? Croatia
???????? Czech Republic
???????? Denmark
???????? Finland
???????? France
???????? Germany
???????? Italy
???????? Mexico
???????? Netherlands
???????? Norway
???????? Portugal
???????? Spain
???????? Sweden
???????? Switzerland
???????? Uruguay

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