Ferran Borras Joins Svay Rieng as Goalkeeper Coach

Jobs4football recently facilitated the time sensitive placement of Ferran Borras as the new Goalkeeper Coach for Svay Rieng, a prominent football club in Cambodia. With his impressive qualifications, experience, and language skills, Ferran is set to make a significant impact on the team’s performance.

Ferran, a young and talented Spanish coach, possesses an Associate Degree in Strength & Conditioning, making him well-versed in the physical aspects of player development. Previously, he served as a Goalkeeper Coach at Elche CF in Spain, gaining valuable experience in honing the skills of professional goalkeepers. Borras’ expertise extends to several football software tools, including LongoMatch, Wyscout, Excel, Google Colab Soccer Stats, Numbers, and iMovie. These technical skills equip him with a comprehensive understanding of player analysis, performance tracking, and strategic planning.

Borras’ linguistic abilities are another asset that sets him apart. Fluent in four languages—Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Catalan—he can effectively communicate and connect with players from diverse backgrounds. This linguistic versatility facilitates seamless collaboration, ensuring that the team receives clear instructions and personalised coaching tailored to individual needs.

Ferran Borras Joins Svay Rieng as Goalkeeper Coach

Jobs4football played a pivotal role in connecting Ferran Borras with Svay Rieng by acting as a bridge between the two parties. The recruitment agency worked closely with the club’s management and new head coach, Pep Munoz, to thoroughly understand the specific requirements of the role. By identifying the ideal candidate profile, Jobs4football undertook a targeted search to find a coach who not only met the qualifications but also fit well within the club’s culture and vision.

Through meticulous evaluation and screening, Jobs4football recognised the potential in Ferran Borras. His expertise in strength and conditioning, previous experience as a goalkeeper coach, and proficiency in multiple football software tools aligned perfectly with Svay Rieng’s requirements. Throughout the process, Jobs4football role was also to educate Ferran and other candidates about coaching in Asia and how it can be different from the European market, something which Ferran took on board quickly.

Jobs4football’s commitment to connecting talented professionals with football clubs worldwide has once again resulted in a successful placement. Ferran Borras’ appointment as Svay Rieng’s Goalkeeper Coach is a testament to his outstanding qualifications and the meticulous approach of Jobs4football in matching the right candidate with the right opportunity.

As the team strives for excellence, Borras’s expertise and passion for player development are set to elevate Svay Rieng’s goalkeeping department, ultimately contributing to the team’s overall success on the pitch.

Vamos Ferran!

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