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Foundation Phase Co-ordinator/Lead Coach

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Job Description

Job role

  1. The person in the Academy responsible for the implementation of the Elite Player Performance Plan with specific focus on the multi-disciplinary development of players in the 5-11year old age groups and to be responsible for everything in the Foundation Phase including the goalkeeper coaching programme.

  2. On a daily basis, provide verbal feedback to the Academy Manager and Head of Coaching on all aspects of the Foundation Phase and act on any matters arising or as instructed.

Mandatory Qualifications

  1. UEFA A coaching licence and FA Advanced Youth Award


  1. To be responsible for clear communication between members of full-time club staff, part time coaching staff, players, parents, trialists, scouts, opposition staff, junior team managers and Club Secretary’s, The Football League, The Football Association and any other person’s or bodies as appropriate or as directed so as to avoid any problems, confusion or communication breakdowns.

  2. Keep accurate, up to date and well informed records that adhere to English Football League and E.P.P.P. rules and regulations and also meet Scunthorpe United requirements.

  3. Provide a written report of the confirmed staffing of training and games for the week to follow and forward this to all AMT staff prior to the start of each week.

  4. Provide a short written and accurate report each Monday morning based on the previous day’s Foundation Phase games programme identifying top 3 players in each age group plus scores of all games to aid the academy and football club in their player succession planning.

  5. Identify in the report any player position specific shortfalls at each age group.

  6. Record, identify and inform the Academy Manager on a daily basis of any issues with parents, players, staff or any other issue or incident that may be relevant.

Main job role responsibilities

  1. To attend all fixtures in the Foundation Phase games programme. This includes Saturdays, Sundays and any midweek fixtures observing both home and away games equally.

  2. To be prepared to travel as and when appropriate and to be on site to supervise Academy evening training sessions on a minimum of two nights per week and until the end of the sessions.

  3. To oversee and to be prepared to coach and develop any of the age group teams in the Foundation Phase as required.

  4. To ensure that Foundation Phase age group training sessions run effectively, are planned, staffed and delivered as per the Academy Philosophy and development programme.

  5. To keep accurate and up to date records of all part time staff attendance at training and games and feed this back to the Academy Administrator on a weekly basis to assist in staff monthly payment claims/records.


  1. Take full responsibility to ensure that all administrative duties connected to the 5-11 Foundation Phase programme and Development Centres are completed in an efficient manner

Computer skills

  1. Must be adept in use of computer systems including Excel, Word, and Power Point to basic level with an excellent knowledge of internet and email.

CPD staff events

  1. Work closely with the Head of Academy Coaching to ensure that there is a programme of informal education events that are delivered to the players and parents in the Foundation Phase. These will include subjects such as the following: Diet & nutrition, Football terminology, individual learning styles, Individual learning plans, Use of the Performance Management Application (PMA), values of the club/academy, respect the referee, drugs, alcohol, gambling awareness, school educational attainment, academy parent expectations, etc…

Player profiles

  1. Develop player profiles that are both age and position specific that indicate the attributes required for each player in technical, physical, tactical, social and psychological areas.

Learning objectives Coaching/ Games

  1. Ensure that individual learning objectives that are linked to the coaching and games programme are clearly communicated to the players before every coaching session/game. Create a positive

Learning Environment

  1. The Foundation Phase Lead Coach should create a positive learning environment where players are given the opportunity to learn and to express themselves without the fear of mistakes, failure or the fear of losing.

  2. The environment must :

  3. Offer choices to the players.

  4. Be inclusive.

  5. Be player-driven.

  6. Be safe.

  7. Be enjoyable.

  8. Be challenging.

  9. Be equitable.

  10. Give the players ownership

Pre Academy Role Requirements

The following are a major requirement of the Foundation Phase Co-ordinator / Lead Coaches role and must be strictly adhered to and complied with at all times.

Development Centres

Set up and facilitate Academy Development Centres, in the following strategic areas to aid local player recruitment in to the Academy starting with the 5 and 6 year olds (U6s, U7s) up to and including the U11 age group.

  • Scunthorpe (central)

  • Barton

  • Winterton

  • Brigg

  • Epworth/Haxby/Belton

  • Thorne

  • Goole

  • Gainsborough

  • Caistor

  • Bawtry

  • Retford

  1. Centres will run for a period of 6 weeks during school term time.

  2. There must always be a minimum of 6 centres that are fully active throughout the school term time.

  3. Centres must be set up, staffed and be fully operational by the end of September each season.

  4. During half term school holiday the centres must be involved in a tournament at the Academy and there must be a tournament/coaching day for the players at every age group.

  5. Make new contacts and continually identify sports centres, schools facilities etc, where new centres can be set up and can operate.

  6. Develop relationships with local junior team managers and liaise with them with regards to their players, trialists and boys attending the Development Centres.

  7. Have a ‘hands on’ approach and to be personally prepared to coach in every Foundation Centre when and where required.

  8. Identify and recruit staff to coach in the Development centres.

  9. Utilise Academy coaching staff to assist in the Development centres where required.

  10. Ensure that the Development Centres are operated in a professional manner, are not under or overstaffed, ensure that the centres do not run at a loss.

  11. Keep accurate records of all Development Centre income and expenditure and produce weekly analytical spreadsheets that identify this information.

  12. Formally meet with the Head of Academy Coaching on a weekly basis to discuss all Development Centre players and operations to include staffing and finances.

  13. Include a development centre report in all of your Academy Management Team reports.

  14. Include a development centre report in your two half year reports.

U8 and U7 Advanced Development Centre

  1. Set up an Advanced Development Centre for players in the Under 7 age group.

  2. Set up an Advanced Development Centre for players in the Under 8 age group.

  3. Through these centres, produce, deliver and monitor an age specific coaching and development programme for the players as they have been identified as showing the most potential and may be registered in the Academy under 9 squad.

Additional responsibilities

  1.  This is not a full and exhaustive list and further job role requirements may be added throughout the course of employment without the need for additional pay.

  2. The Foundation Phase Co-ordinator / Lead Coach is expected to be flexible and adapt to include any additional work as required by the job role which will include any other reasonable requests or tasks made by the Academy Manager.

Job Detail

Job TypeFull time
QualificationsUEFA A


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