Career Direction & Mentoring

Career Direction & Mentoring

Jobs4football is not just a job portal, we offer football career advice, information and guidance on next steps, playing abroad, coaching abroad, scouting and more.

The career direction and mentoring packages are to help people who want to work in the football industry, just starting in the industry or already work in football but don’t know how to take the next step in their career or maybe looking for a change.

Our mentoring programme also helps you with advice when you need it the most. Are you a player who is coming to the end of your contract and not sure what to do, a parent who has a child who is being released or a coach who wants to move abroad.

Our team have over 65 years of combined experience in all aspects of football including – playing, management, placing players and football professionals at all levels around the world, mentoring, promotion and more…

We give honest advice and feedback that is tailored from the information you give us in your consultation to help you find you dream career in football.

Unique Service

Our programmes are unique to each person and situation

Because we are not your agent or representative you can be assured that you are getting impartial advice designed to help you in your career

We work with everyone on a 1-2-1 basis with all our clients and our programmes are made on an individual basis to suit your needs

Over the years we have built up an unrivalled number of industry contacts all over the world

All our team are experienced professionals who have built up good reputations in the football industry by doing things right


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Career Direction
Career Direction
Career Direction
Career Direction
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