Callum Wilson makes big move to fix injuries and sets England World Cup goal.

Callum Wilson has set himself a goal of ten goals by November to make it into England’s World Cup squad. The Newcastle striker, who is ambitious, scored a stunning goal and then said that he still wants to be part of Gareth Southgate’s plans for Qatar.

Wilson hopes for a goal glut as Eddie Howe’s front-foot side, which will help him get back into international contention after Harry Kane‘s deputy Dominic Calvert-Lewin has been out of action for six weeks. After suffering a calf injury that ended four months of his last season, the 30-year-old four-cap one goal star is back to his best and fully fit. He stated that he was certain that he would be able to get into the squad if he could make double figures. “I must get to the ground running. Although I may not be running at the moment, it is something I keep in my mind and focus on. When I set my targets, I try to reach them.

“We will see where we end up in 15 games. It’s about clearing small hurdles. As a striker, I set myself little tests. You are not far from the mark. Reach back-to-back goals. Get braces and get hat-tricks. We were favorites against a newly promoted team. I wanted to score and I did. “My goal ratio has been good, and it’s about maintaining that and adding to it. It’s one goal right now, but if you don’t score for ten matches, it is wasted. The team is the same, support it next week at Brighton.”

Newcastle were outstanding against Forest, and Wilson will have more chances to play with Eddie Howe’s team better on the ball and pressing higher up the pitch. To help him rest and recover, the £20m signing has moved his family from Bournemouth, where he has scored 20 goals in 39 starts. He is determined to have a full season without any injuries.

Callum Wilson’s goals are crucial to Newcastle’s quest for the top seven.
Wilson said, “It is about keeping that noise still this season.” Put that doubt to rest. I have no doubts in my body. “Sometimes, I am my worst enemy. I go out there 70-80pc to help the team. It doesn’t do me justice. I’ve had a great pre-season. I’m very fit and healthy. The more I practice on the pitch, the more I will score. I will also try to break more records. St James’ Park rocked Saturday. Howe praised the performance as “brilliant”, with very few negatives. At this rate, Newcastle will be a contender again. Wilson said that the atmosphere is inspiring and that he feels like an “excited schoolkid”.

“Is it enjoyable playing here now?” It was fun playing here for many years, even though you were at Bournemouth’s smaller club. But match days did not stimulate you in the same way that it does here. The atmosphere is electric when you walk out of this place. “I have scored many goals here early on in games because I am an excited school kid to go out there.” Wilson laughed when he described his goal. Joelinton would have it in the first time, so I just had to make sure I was timing my move correctly. It was a one-versus-one duel in the box. I flung it in. It bounced up just in time, and I was very grateful to have it in.

Fab Schar scored the opening shot, a rocket from 25 meters.

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