|   On 08/12/2021

Jobs4Football meets Rafael Bermudez Roldan

In 2007, Rafael Bermudez Roldan had just started what at the time looked like his destiny ...

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  |   On 26/11/2021

Jobs4Football meets Paul Carter

In football winning is essential to every club being successfully run, so when things aren...

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  |   On 22/11/2021

Jobs4Football meets Kenichi Yatsuhashi

From moving to New York to pursue a career in painting to coaching in Ghana, Qatar and Sri...

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  |   On 19/11/2021

Jobs4Football meets John Brown

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be a talent scout? Travelling across the w...

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  |   On 16/11/2021

Jobs4Football meets Greg de Carnys

Jobs4Football has seen the influence of former manager Colum Curtis and goalkeeper coach J...

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  |   On 12/11/2021

Jobs4Football meets GĂ©rard Jones

Meet the entrepreneurial elite coach educator who is looking to challenge traditional coac...

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  |   On 08/11/2021

Jobs4Football meets Johann Noetzel

Over 8,000 miles from home, meet the goalkeeper coach making a name for himself in the Cam...

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  |   On 04/11/2021

Jobs4Football meets Michael Rainey

Data analysis has become a vital aspect to clubs across the world and in football today it...

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  |   On 01/11/2021

Jobs4Football meets Colum Curtis

From playing Football Manager as a child to achieving cup glory in the Cambodian capital a...

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  |   On 29/10/2021

Jobs4Football meets Antonio Magalhaes

The Portuguese born, Antonio Magalhaes, who is learning his trade as both a coach and anal...

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  |   On 26/10/2021

Jobs4Football meets Jamie Day

In May 2018, Jamie Day, left his role as Assistant Manager of Barrow to take charge of the...

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