|   On 30/07/2021

Own Goals: Analysing the Consequences of Unintentional Mistakes

There are two main objectives in a game of football. One, score goals. Two, don’t co...

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  |   On 05/07/2021

Bukayo Saka: Player Analysis

Bukayo Saka, in my humble opinion, is one of the most dynamic players in the Arsenal squad...

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  |   On 02/07/2021

Transfer Window Dates (Mens) 2021-2022

What Is The Football Transfer Window The football transfer window is a period of time wher...

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  |   On 03/03/2021

February Update

Youtube Channel Success Our youtube channel was launched around 1 month ago and we are del...

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  |   On 02/02/2021

January News Update

Welcome to Jobs4football on YouTube Jobs4football are delighted to launch their Youtube ch...

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  |   On 20/12/2020

December News Update

Our Year in Numbers From our inception, J4F had a structured plan to make a real impact wi...

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  |   On 30/11/2020

Periodisation, Training Load and Metrics: Implementing a Holistic Approach

Periodisation concerns the training load we put on players. From a data perspective, we wo...

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  |   On 17/11/2020

Tactics and Science Behind the Substitutions in Football

One of the most basic and important features of team sports is the right to change players...

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