Agency Services

Agency Service

The Jobs4football agency services are our pay as you go option if you don’t want to sign with an agent.

No contracts – just what you need.

Agency Services

We talk to lots of players, many of which have been let down by agents when they have been released from clubs and are reluctant to sign another two-year deal with a person they don’t know.

Jobs4football completely understand that and the truth is a lot of players don’t really need an agent but they do need help in certain aspects of their career.

This is why we have developed our Agency Services so we can offer no player, parents and coaches with no string advice and assistance at any age and any level, this could be anything from advice to help with contract negotiations.

As agents we have delt we players and coaches from all ages, nationalities and levels, moving them from non-league to football league and to all corners of the earth.

We can give honest and knowledgeable advice on career planning, staying positive when injured or in bad form, promotion, CV writing and more. All our service are pay as you go, you don’t need to sign any contract with us and we can help you as little or as much as you like.

Our Agency Services


Got a queston about our Agency Services??

We know that this is quite a different way of working from a 'normal' agency and welcome any questions before you buy one of our services.

If your question is not answered in our FAQ's section then please contact us at [email protected]

Yes and No, but we realise that sometimes players don't need or want to sign a 2-year contract with an agent for a number of reasons so Jobs4football give you the option to get help and advice with signing a contract.
No, all our services are pay as you go unless otherwise stated.
Yes, we work with players, managers, coaches, scouts and all other positions in football.
Yes, we work with all nationalities in all countries. We have experience at placing players and staff from the UK all over the world and the other way round