|   On 27/10/2021

Supporter owned clubs in England

The nature of modern-day football ownership often leaves clubs with some form of divide in...

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  |   On 21/10/2021

Current Players Who Own Football Clubs

The life of a footballer is very much repetitive but they don’t need long hours througho...

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  |   On 20/10/2021

An 18 team Premier League

France’s top two divisions have had their recent troubles with money loss from sponsorsh...

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  |   On 18/10/2021

Post-16 Independent Academies

Good football players are a dime a dozen. You will often see someone do something with the...

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  |   On 14/10/2021

The Referee-Technology Relationship

There are some aspects of football but we have become so used to. There have been tourname...

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  |   On 13/10/2021

Weighting of Big Individual Awards

The Ballon D’or award is the most prestigious individual award and highest honour a foot...

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  |   On 12/10/2021

The Next 10 Years of Football

There have certainly been some interesting landscapes introduced to football and some stil...

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  |   On 11/10/2021

U23 Sides in the Football Pyramid

Pep Guardiola certainly isn’t shy when it comes to voicing his opinions and wasn’t shy...

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  |   On 06/10/2021

The Modern Lifespan of Managers

A sport as popular as football brings pressure for everyone involved as results are key to...

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  |   On 04/10/2021

Gamesmanship: Expect more entertaining matches

The return of football fans is very much a welcome sight in top flight football across Eur...

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  |   On 04/10/2021

The Importance of Shadow Squads

There is a saying that goes: to have control of the youth is to have control of the future. Which

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  |   On 29/09/2021

Premier League clubs to play abroad

As successful as the Premier League is there will always be a desire to strive to improve ...

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  |   On 28/09/2021

Could ex-players become match officials?

In a game at Sunday league level you are likely to see a substitute, one of the spectators or one

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  |   On 21/09/2021

The Influence of Ultras in Football

The culture within a football club’s fan base is what truly makes them unique. Of course...

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  |   On 20/09/2021

Speakers and earpieces in Football

Football is always growing in its reach and as a result we find ourselves at times looking...

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  |   On 16/09/2021

The impact of Football Simulations in football

In this digital age, we are constantly trying to find the simulations that allow us to rep...

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  |   On 13/09/2021

Social Activism era of football

Most professional footballers of today will have dreamed of getting into the position they...

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  |   On 10/09/2021

The irony in UEFA opposing World Cup plans

FIFA suggestion on halving the World Cup cycle to having the tournament every two years ha...

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  |   On 09/09/2021

Release Clauses and the English Football League

Release clauses are genuinely a unique concept that I have always been fascinated by in th...

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  |   On 07/09/2021

COVID’s impact on the Club vs Country debate

The club versus country debate has long ranged through our modern era of football. Any pro...

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